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Gigagolf offers great value in custom Golf Clubs for 2009

If you are in the market for a new set of golf clubs, the sticker shock can be quite severe for name-brand clubs. Gigagolf allows you to get brand-new, custom fit, quality golf clubs that play just like name brand golf clubs for 70% less.

Powermax GX922 Irons - bottom Most golfers can improve their scores and enjoyment of the game with a new set of clubs. Custom fitted clubs can even have a more dramatic effect. But who has that kind of money, especially in today's economy? The problem most people have is that they think there is one of 2 choices when it comes to new golf clubs: Over- priced brand name clubs that are great quality and play great, or inferior, bargain-brand clubs that you pull off the rack at Kmart or Walmart. Fortunately, there is a better solution that will provide you with top-notch quality golf clubs at an extremely affordable price.

At Golferocity, we love golf and all of us have played golf with the big-name clubs. If money were not an issue, most of us would probably play the big name brands. They are good clubs. The problem is that the standard price you pay (up to $1500 for a set of irons and up to $500 for a driver) don't even include customization features. If you want to get that expensive club custom fitted to you, you have to shell out another couple hundred dollars. And then if you've spent $2000 on a set of clubs - who can afford to upgrade every other year - even if the technology is way better?

Online Custom Golf Club Fitters to the Rescue

Gigagolf C9 driverThat's why most of us here play with custom fit clubs from online golf club fitters. We've tried out a number of different companies and Gigagolf gets our highest marks in almost every category. They have a nice selection of golf clubs - from super game-improvement clubs for beginners all the way up to forged muscle back irons for the serious golfer. Every club they sell is custom made to fit you. You simply enter in a few easy measurements, choose your preferred shafts and grips and they will custom assemble your clubs in about a day and have them shipped off to you the day after that. Pretty simple. And, oh yeah - these custom fit clubs cost from $150 - $250 for a set of irons and from $80-$110 for a driver. Of course, you can go nuts on the customization and get the most expensive shafts and most expensive grips and it will be a little more than that, but even then, they will still be 50% less than the name brand equivalents.

Buying Golf Clubs Online Has Never Been Easier

You might be thinking that you'd never buy clubs online because you'd want to hit them first. What if you don't like the feel? There is no doubt that how a club feels is rather subjective and it would be nice if you could hit them first. Unfortunately, you get the big savings on these clubs precisely because they don't have outlets all over the country. But all is not lost. You see, even though you can buy an entire set of irons, you can also buy only one club, or a partial set. Gigagolf also has a 30 day playability guarantee, so within 30 days you can return the club for a refund or get a new shaft or length or lie. So -- you can actually order a 7 iron of several different models or with different shafts and try them out for 30 days. If you like one of them, order the rest of the set and send the others back. You really have nothing to lose.

How Does Gigagolf Deliver This kind of Quality at such Low Prices?

Gigagolf GXI Hybrid Iron setThe Gigagolf uses top quality golf head components that are often made at the same foundries that produce name brand clubheads. They then use high quality shafts and grips and assemble them all at their Florida factory according to your specifications. The actual cost of the components that Gigagolf uses is comparable to the cost of materials for name brand clubs. The big difference is that the name brand companies also pay touring professionals huge endorsement fees to play their clubs. They also spend huge amounts of money advertising on TV and in golf magazines. Those two items, along with a huge R&D budget and physical outlets, etc. jack up the prices of the name-brand clubs to their astronomical amounts.

Here's an example: A typical driver might cost $50 for the actual materials. So why do the big name brands charge $400? Well, about $100 goes to pay the tour players who endorse that club, another $100 for advertising on national TV and in the major Golf magazines. Add in another $100 for R&D, sales agents and physical locations, and the company makes about $50 profit. What Gigagolf does is it eliminates all those big endorsement and advertising fees and instead passes that savings on to you. They will never be a big brand name that's going to "wow" your friends. But you will get similar quality and technology and can use the money you save to play more golf or even take lessons so you can kick butt on your friends who have all the over-priced gear. Better yet, after you beat them, share your secret with them and let them enjoy their golf for less money, too.

But the Name Brand Golf Clubs are Still Better, though Right?

The name brand clubs are quality clubs- make no mistake about it. But for a typical amateur, it's a cost-benefit function. Many recreational golfers can't feel a bit of difference between a name brand club and a quality clone. Even better players are rarely able to tell a difference. And independent golfing robot tests have shown virtually no difference in performance.

It makes sense for the pros to use the big name brands. They are getting paid to do so! And the companies want to keep them happy and playing well so they do massive customizations on their clubs. Fitting vans for the major manufacturers follow the professional golf tours around the country and are available at each stop to make any equipment adjustments necessary.

Unless you are a hobbyist club maker, you wouldn't have the equipment of knowledge to do so. What you really need is a good set of clubs that fits YOU. Gigagolf offers that at a great value.

Your Choices When Buying Golf Clubs

Many causal golfers are looking for bargains. Most figure they have three choices: Pay the big prices to get good clubs, or, in order to save money, buy used name-brand clubs or cheap quality clubs at discount department stores. There is a fourth option many don't consider - buying quality, custom fit golf clubs online from a company like Gigagolf. But let's first look at each of the other more common scenarios to see what's wrong with them.

First, if you have endless sources of income, go ahead and buy the name brand clubs. Be sure to pay extra to get them custom fit, though, too. Remember, though, if you can't afford to replace them about once every 2 to 3 years, you are cheating yourself out of playing the latest technology.

What about Used Golf Clubs?

Buying used golf clubs can be a savvy decision, IF you can find clubs in decent condition that fit you perfectly. That's a tall order when you consider shaft length, grip size and lie angles of the irons. It is rare for anyone to find a proper fit with used golf clubs - and used brand-name golf clubs are still usually more expensive than quality golf club clones.

And those off-the-rack golf clubs at Walmart? Forget them. How about those complete golf sets sold at Target? Run away. Here's why: Those clubs were mass produced to be affordable, not to help you play better golf. The head components are rarely the latest technology, but that's not the biggest problem. The real issue with these clubs is the shafts. They use commercial quality shafts which are low-cost, mass produced versions of better shafts (just because they say True Temper doesn't mean they are top-quality shafts!). These shafts have no quality control and can vary in weight from shaft to shaft by as much as 7 grams. They also can have varying kick points and flex ratings that deviate from the norm by as much as 20%. Such inconsistencies in these clubs will inevitably lead to inconsistency on the golf course and will not allow you to play your best golf.

If you pay just a few dollars more (it' really not that much more), you can get a great set of custom fit clubs from Gigagolf that will actually help you play your best golf and make the game so much more fun. And that's the last strike against these el-cheapo, mass-produced clubs - they aren't customized to fit you. Even Tiger Woods agrees how important proper fitting is. When asked what he thought the average golfer could do to improve his game, Tiger's number one response was to get properly fitted golf clubs.

Personal Views on Gigagolf

I've been playing with Gigagolf clubs for many years now. The quality of their clubs is excellent, their customer support is superb, and their playability guarantee takes all the fear out of buying golf clubs online. I've only been disappointed a couple times, and each time when I relayed my concerns to Gigagolf, they promptly responded with a solution that worked out great (Once a driver head broke 11 months after purchase -- they had me send it back and they replaced it at no cost. Another time a hybrid didn't perform as I expected, so I sent it back and they put on a different shaft that made it work for me).

Gigagolf Conclusion

Gigagolf is a great little company to work with. They come out with new products each year and offer great deals on custom fitted clubs. With the prices they charge, you can actually afford to upgrade your golf clubs every other year or so. If you are a golf junky like I am, that's really good news. Additionally, they offer discount coupons for many of their products throughout the year which makes their great deals even better.

Give Gigagolf a try. You don't have anything to lose except a few points on your handicap. And it won't cost you much either.

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